Posted at 6:04pm on Dec. 11, 2008 NFL Week 15

By Finrod

Thursday, December 11

New Orleans at Chicago

Sunday, December 14

Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Washington at Cincinnati
Seattle at St. Louis
San Francisco at Miami
Buffalo at NY Jets
Detroit at Indianapolis
San Diego at Kansas City
Green Bay at Jacksonville
Tennessee at Houston
Minnesota at Arizona
Denver at Carolina
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
New England at Oakland
NY Giants at Dallas

Monday, December 15

Cleveland at Philadelphia

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Posted at 10:14am on Dec. 4, 2008 NFL Week 14

By drothgery

Due to everyone's mixed up schedules over the year, I'm not sure it's even possible to collect standings anymore. But I wanted to get this up before the Thursday game kicks off...

Oakland at San Diego
Jacksonville at Chicago
Minnesota at Detroit
Houston at Green Bay
Cleveland at Tennessee
Cincinnati at Indianapolis
Atlanta at New Orleans
Philadelphia at NY Giants
Kansas City at Denver
Miami at Buffalo
NY Jets at San Francisco
New England at Seattle
St. Louis at Arizona
Dallas at Pittsburgh
Washington at Baltimore
Tampa Bay at Carolina

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Posted at 10:23am on Nov. 29, 2008 Tigers gave my Gamecocks a Chickin' Lickin' (update)

By gamecock

Gamecock's DeVine Law

USC vs. Clemson: 'You're reared' to hate the enemy

If you grew up and live in South Carolina, you understand the significance of Carolina-Clemson at a deep, almost elemental level. Putting all that into words, however ...

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Posted at 1:35pm on Nov. 26, 2008 NFL Week 13

By Finrod

Three games on Thursday this week, being Thanksgiving and all:

Thursday, November 27

Tennessee at Detroit
Seattle at Dallas
Arizona at Philadelphia

Sunday, November 30

San Francisco at Buffalo
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Indianapolis at Cleveland
Carolina at Green Bay
Miami at St. Louis
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
NY Giants at Washington

Atlanta at San Diego
Pittsburgh at New England
Denver at NY Jets
Kansas City at Oakland

Chicago at Minnesota

Monday, December 1

Jacksonville at Houston

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Posted at 7:48pm on Nov. 20, 2008 NFL Week 12

By Finrod

Since we're 10 minutes away from the start of the Thursday game, I'm going ahead and posting the matchups:

Thursday Nov 20
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Sunday Nov 23
Houston at Cleveland
San Francisco at Dallas
Tampa Bay at Detroit
NY Jets at Tennessee
Buffalo at Kansas City
Chicago at St. Louis
New England at Miami
Minnesota at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at Baltimore

Oakland at Denver
Carolina at Atlanta
NY Giants at Arizona
Washington at Seattle

Indianapolis at San Diego

Monday Nov 24
Green Bay at New Orleans

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Posted at 11:04pm on Nov. 16, 2008 Homestead-Miami Speedway - Championship Week Of The NASCAR Season

By ETCartman

Random thoughts.............

Truck Race

Congratulations to Johnny Benson on his championship !

Good on Todd Bodine for winnin' the race !

Each time those cautions came out, I swore I was watching the WWE. It was like NASCAR ordered it to happen that way ; to make sure Benson and Ron Hornaday were close to each other at the end.

Ever notice how Johhny Benson doesn't look like a race car driver? I'd say more of the friendly neighborhood accountant type.

I'd have sworn Happy was gonna wreck Rowdy. Kind of like this........ "Hey, Big Ears, get the Hell away from my 33 !"

Brian Scott. Remember that name. He's gonna make waves. The kid can really drive.

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Posted at 12:35pm on Nov. 15, 2008 Will #1 SEC Defense drain Tebow's Swamp?

By gamecock

Go Gamecocks! Give Crocs a Chickin' Lickin'!
Gamecock's DeVine Law

The last time the Spur-shod Fighting Gamecocks vistied Gainesville, Florida's Gators barely escaped with a 17-16 SEC east victory, thanks to a blocked field goal with seven seconds left, on their way to a national championship.

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Posted at 10:21pm on Nov. 12, 2008 NFL Week 11

By drothgery

With Thursday games being inflicted on us for the rest of the season, I suppose these need to go up earlier. So here goes...

Week 11
NY Jets at New England
Denver at Atlanta
Philadelphia at Cincinnati
Chicago at Green Bay
Houston at Indianapolis
New Orleans at Kansas City
Oakland at Miami
Baltimore at NY Giants
Minnesota at Tampa Bay
Detroit at Carolina
St. Louis at San Francisco
Arizona at Seattle
San Diego at Pittsburgh
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Dallas at Washington
Cleveland at Buffalo

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Posted at 11:37pm on Nov. 11, 2008 A few notes on the race in Phoenix (11/9/08)

By ETCartman

Interesting race at Phoenix..........

I was pretty much expecting Jamie to run hot all day, avoid trouble and have a great finish. He hit the end in third place, which made it all the better. Onward and upward !!!!!!

Just a few random notes:

I think Mr. Kenseth probably had a "Git in heah, boy!" meeting with the powers that be for that wreck on the last lap.

Hats off to Kurt Busch and the Penske boys for getting the new Dodge engine package runnin' hot for a second place finish.

Brian Vickers definitely had his bell rung against the wall.......thankfully he's not hurt.

On a personal note, I'm now 26 points out of first place in my NASCAR fantasy league. I've had The Five Roushketeeers for every race this year. 26 points....... That's Jamie's car number ......... I'm gonna win it all !!!!!!!

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Posted at 4:34pm on Nov. 9, 2008 Davis Love III: Lifetime exemption on the PGA Tour.

By rbdwiggins

Shooting a bogey-free, 8-under par final round on Disney's Magnolia Course, Davis Love III finished the tournament at 25-under par to win the Children's Miracle Network Classic.

It was his 20th career victory, a milestone in professional golf, and with that victory in Orlando, Davis secured a lifetime exemption on the PGA Tour.

Well done, Davis. Well done.

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Posted at 11:46am on Nov. 8, 2008 This week's bunch of college losers

By gamecock

Gamecock's ode to Leonard's Losers Smart Pill Machine

Hawgs will lose to Gamecocks

Tar Heels will lose to Ramblin' Wreck
Michigan will lose to Minnesota
Bears will lose to Longhorns
Northwestern will lose to Ohio State

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Posted at 10:44pm on Nov. 5, 2008 NFL Week 10 - the Thursday night games begin

By Finrod

Since when did they start the Thursday night games before Thanksgiving? In any case, since the first game of the week is tomorrow night, I'm going ahead and posting this:

Thursday, November 6:
Denver at Cleveland

Sunday, November 9:
New Orleans at Atlanta
Tennessee at Chicago
Jacksonville at Detroit
Seattle at Miami
Green Bay at Minnesota
Buffalo at New England
St. Louis at NY Jets
Baltimore at Houston

Carolina at Oakland
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh
Kansas City at San Diego

NY Giants at Philadelphia

Monday, November 10:
San Francisco at Arizona

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Posted at 1:17am on Nov. 3, 2008 The Cars At Night Are Big And Bright (clap clap clap clap) On The Speedway In Texas !

By ETCartman

Monday November 03, 2008 @ 01:10 AM EST

Random conversations from watchin’ 43 good-'ol-boys drivin' 500 miles in a circle down Texas way………..

Invocation gonna be done by a guy I’ve seen before and not at a track or on TV …. gotta find out where I know him from....... Dr. Roger Marsh, Texas Alliance Raceway Ministries … The name doesn’t ring a bell at all. I’ll deal with it later.

…………….. I thank God for our country and those before me who gave all and those now and in the future who know they may be called to. A special offering of thanks for Kyle Busch in helping a former driver in need and of course as always to Jamie for his work with his Foundation and Autism Speaks.

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Posted at 10:02am on Nov. 1, 2008 GC's Ode to Leonard's (Postero aka Postosties) Football Losers, Percy Peabody, Pilgrim and Cowboy

By gamecock

Gamecock's DeVine Law dedicates this weeks losers to Redstate's Cowboy (John Wayne), given his interest in our pigskin prognostications as expressed in comments to our Charlotte debut and Persistent Cuss Pilgrim, whole stole our Smart Pill Machine after Cockstradamus retired until after Election Day.

Let's see what we think is on the Smart Pill machine (that Pilgrim stole) this week:

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Posted at 11:43pm on Oct. 31, 2008 NFL Week 9 - Pick Early, Pick Often.

By ETCartman

Hope y'all don't mind I popped this up to keep it going.

Sun, Nov 02

Early Games


Late Games


Night Game


Mon, Nov 03


Bye: Panthers, Saints, Chargers, 49ers

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